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Take a couple of Kentucky boys – Vernon Roach (a.k.a “Kuntry Twang”) and Brad Davis (a.k.a “Lil Round”) – who share a musical palette that ranges from Credence Clearwater, Black Crows, and Lynyrd Skynyrd to UGK, OutKast, and Beastie Boys, then mix in a little moonshine and you get Twang And Round. With a unique sound that bridges the gaps between country and hip-hop, Twang And Round immediately began to warm the hearts of fans who love to have fun, share a couple drinks, and roll through the heartland with the windows rolled down. The group’s blue-collar work ethic and comedic escapades have led to them stack up more than 6 million plays on YouTube, 4 million plays on Spotify, appear on the “Mud Digger” compilation series, and collaborate with genre heavyweights like Big Smo, Bubba Sparxxx, Sarah Ross (from American Idol), and Jawga Boyz.
Thirteen Skulls Entertainment is focused on the “AmeriFlow” genre, which is a musical hybrid of country, rap, and rock. The label provides a full range of services in a fast-changing music business and offers artists a home with the necessary tools to nurture and incubate creativity without constraints. Focused on putting out authentic music, Thirteen Skulls Entertainment’s legacy will be defined by creativity and uncompromising commitment to artistry. The label was founded by music industry veteran Ron A. Spaulding and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Frank Thomas.
Twang And Round will close out the year playing shows throughout December

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In 2006 I4NI Incorporated was founded by one of the former original CWB members, Robbie Phillips aka Stump. By 2012 Stump joined forces with another former CWB member, David Stevens aka David Ray to form the collaborated music group I4NI, but also what is currently known as the label I4NI Entertainment. I4NI was shaped by many loyal members who helped build the foundation to the movement we have today. Now with the addition of Jon Conner to the family the group is complete. We can proudly say that youth may not go to church to listen to a pastor preach but they will listen to the sermon we deliver via our music and spoken words. Its more then selling music, it’s about reaching our listeners and teaching them as well.